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Holy ground

Fragrant blossom dips it’s head

Willow twists and weaves it’s web

Soft breeze stirs a golden thread

Ivy leaves will not be shed


Earthbound footsteps

once monks led

Knelt before the chancel red

Pray, ‘For us He bled’


Touch the stones

now moss filled bed

Loyal bees their nectar fed

Hawkbit, nettles, violets, sedge


Reeds touch the waters edge

Ripple out to reach the ledge

Sprung eternal from the ground

Sacred water living sound


Silver fish in shallows glint

Overhanging shadows bent

Ever the wild wInd sent

White swans shimmer silent


In the stillness with intent

This is nature’s covenant

Spirits free to roam

They are being called home

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